Thank you so much for checking out my blog.  I feel honored that you’re spending time reading these words, instead of plucking your eyebrows or mowing the yard or calling your mom (maybe you should call your mom).

In this blog, I’ll cover all the topics that have confounded me during the course of my writing life (and which continue to confound me).  Things like:

  • embarking on the daunting task of starting a book
  • coming up with that seductive opening line or paragraph
  • finding your way into your voice
  • knowing the difference between scene and summary
  • acquiring the two traits every writer needs
  • facing failure — part of the job description for being a writer

I’ll discuss establishing a writing schedule that works for you and making time to write.

I’ll encourage you to have a naïve faith in yourself, a sense of optimism about your work, so that you can keep going even when you know you’re about to step off the edge of the world.

I’ll address truth vs. loyalty in both fiction and memoir — how much to reveal about people close to you.

I’ll offer writing exercises to help you discover your most engaging material.

In truth, I know very little about what it means to be a writer.  But what I do know, I’ll happily share with you.  Maybe even more important, I’ll share my doubts, my struggles, the wrong turns I’ve taken, which I believe will translate into the most helpful tips I could come up with.