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Judy Goldman - CHILD

Child: A Memoir

★ Named a “Must-Read Book in 2022” by Katie Couric Media

★ #1 Best-Selling Nonfiction Book of 2022 at Park Road Books

★ Finalist for the 2023 Southern Book Prize (Vote for me!)

CHILD tells the story of Judy’s relationship with Mattie Culp, the Black woman who worked for her family, “lived in,” helped raise her – the unconscionable scaffolding on which the relationship was built and the deep love. It’s also the story of Mattie’s child, who was left behind to be raised by someone else.

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This moving memoir of a Black woman’s importance in a white family reminds me that behind, under, and above the racial divide in the South, there ran strong currents of abiding love and mutual protection. These currents Judy Goldman excels at exploring without illusion and with full humanity. What a brave and timely book.

Frances MayesNew York Times bestselling author of Under the Tuscan Sun and Under Magnolia: A Southern Memoir
Judy Goldman - CHILD

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